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Joel Backman

Joel Backman joined Meritech as its Chief Financial Officer in 2003 and has subsequently added the title of Chief Operating Officer in 2010. He is responsible for investment execution, investor relations, financial reporting and other operating and administrative functions.

GQ Joel, the real reason we are 'fashionably late'

- Craig Sherman

Prior to Meritech, Joel was a Senior Director Business Development at IPWireless, responsible for developing and managing various carrier relationships in the United States and Canada. Previously, he was Vice President of Finance and Co-Founder of Ultimate, Inc., an entertainment marketplace established with International Management Group (IMG) and SFX Inc. Prior to Ultimate, Inc., Joel held multiple senior financial management positions at Sunterra Corporation in both California and Europe. Joel started his professional career at KPMG, LLP.

Joel’s greatest professional achievement is a toss-up between signing Heidi Klum at Ultimate, Inc., beating Joe Montana at “Pop-a-Shot”, or being fired on his honeymoon. His greatest professional disappointment is selling out his passion for wine and trading it for a career in the venture capital industry. His passions include his wife and son, food and wine, travel, and Chelsea F.C. Joel graduated from the University of Arizona.