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Late Stage is All We Do (and Honestly All We Know)

We’re not a venture supermarket. We don’t do seed deals one day and dabble in pre-IPO rounds the next. We do one thing, period: invest in the best late stage tech companies in the universe. We have no aspirations of raising billion dollar mega funds (been there, done that) — that’s a whole ‘nother layer of people and process. And it just doesn’t scale.

What you see is what you get. There are no armies of junior people ready to disrupt your business with invasive diligence requests and lengthy committee approvals. If you’re looking for a proctology exam, you’ve come to the wrong place. At Meritech, it’s just six partners – that’s it. Partners do all the work; partners make all the decisions. And we are prompt, transparent, and quick.

What others are saying about us

If the team at Meritech offers to support you and your company, don't think twice. The degree of George and his colleagues consistently positive and supportive spirit; along with deep experience-based insight and tactical help with prospect introductions and talent connections is in an elite class.

- Rob Bernshteyn, CEO, Coupa

Meritech's track record speaks for itself. Rob is straightforward in negotiations and deeply insightful on strategy. He always leads with good questions, never prescribing the answer, and was hugely helpful in driving alignment around follow on financings and ultimately, our exit. He is always, always constructive.

- Bob Brennan, CEO, Veracode

Paul and his partners have been immensely valuable to Mulesoft. From their IPO seminars and connections to the most experienced leaders in technology, we received fantastic guidance in prepping and executing our IPO. We expected so much more than investment capital - and we got it.

- Greg Schott, CEO, Mulesoft

Meritech was awesome. They don't drink babies’ blood, like most VCs.

- John Vechey, Founder and VP-Corporate Strategy, PopCap Games

Paul and the Meritech team provided value well beyond the balance sheet. They were with us every step of the way, through additional investment capital, driving the business model, scaling the leadership team, dealing with industry challenges, while enabling and empowering management team results. They were core to the successful growth and results of the company!

- Mike Gustafson, CEO, BlueArc Corporation

Having Craig as a board member was immensely valuable personally and professionally. There’s nothing more important than having smart, courageous advisers who speak the truth but are always in your corner.

- Justin Kitch, former founder and CEO, Homestead

Imagine the dream investor. He understands technology, loves disruptive companies, and has the entrepreneur’s curious, contrarian mind. He can fund fast growth with big money, provides fantastic input, and isn’t particular about getting a board seat in exchange. He is honest, humble, and funny. His name is Rob Ward and he works for Meritech.

- Christian Chabot, founder and CEO, Tableau Software

George and the team at Meritech have been amazing investors to work with. Their commitment to entrepreneurs and the company-building process — hiring, financing, scaling, strategy — has proven remarkably valuable. They're uniquely structured to move quickly, place big bets, and be great partners all around.

- Aaron Levie, founder and CEO, Box

Mike Gordon is a world class guy working for a world class firm. He pays attention to detail and asks the right questions. If you are an operator, you can appreciate the value add.

- King Lee, CEO, Good Technology

Some doubted the investment. You were true believers, and that is what venture investing is all about.

- Michael Tessler, CEO, Broadsoft