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Scaling Your Business

Going from tens of millions to hundreds of millions (or more) in revenue

We get it. You want to build a billion dollar plus business. You have an early lead in an exciting new category and differentiated technology that provides an edge on the competition

A large part of attaining your goal now depends on execution. To scale from tens to hundreds of millions in revenue, you know there will be many new operational challenges. Given the rapid pace of your business, the dynamic competitive environment, finite resources, and the material levels of capital required behind each operating initiative, it really pays to get things done the right way and fast. Since investing in the most promising late stage private companies is all we do, we have been fortunate to be a part of many extraordinary growth stories inluding many who have navigated from 8 digit revenue levels to 9 or even 10 digit levels (yes, that’s billions). We’ve participated in hundreds of board meetings for these companies, so we have a uniquely relevant perspective on the issues you will be confronting over the next several years.

Don’t these issues sound familiar?

  • Honing key business model metrics around sales productivity and customer acquisition efficiency.
  • Making the financial model more predictable.
  • Entering and investing in different international markets.
  • Structuring key strategic partnerships to ensure a long-term lucrative relationship.
  • Building out the channel and making it more self-sufficient.
  • Building out the engineering team on a local or off-shore basis.
  • Compensating your senior execs now that the largest equity grants have been made.

We’ve observed many of the best play books for solving these typical scaling challenges for late-stage companies. We share what we’ve learned (when asked - we won’t force it on you). And we facilitate discussions among our portfolio teams so you can hear directly from those who have already scaled the summit.