Growth investing is all we do. One focus.

We’re entrepreneurs too. Our pivot.

Partners do all the work. 7 investors.

Built to last, not to flip. $150B in IPOs.

Enduring brands. Facebook, Salesforce…


At Meritech, we operate on a few simple beliefs: it’s all about the entrepreneur; enduring brands are the endgame; and in the tech world market leaders don't just win, they win big. It’s your company, it’s your dream, and we want to help you make your vision a reality.

We’re entrepreneurs too.

People doubting your idea? Not enough differentiation? Market too crowded, or too small? Yep, as the pioneers of late stage venture capital we’ve heard all the naysayers too. We made it through the volatile bubble years (barely), and had to reshape our business to survive and thrive. We know even the best ideas come with challenges along the way. We won’t blink.


Paul was a founder of Meritech in 1999. He focuses primarily on SaaS, digital consumer, and medical device sectors.

Paul Madera


Rob was a founder of Meritech in 1999. He focuses primarily on data and analytics, cloud computing, SaaS, and security.

Rob Ward


Joel joined Meritech in 2003. Joel is Meritech’s COO and CFO.

Joel Backman

George joined Meritech in 2008. He focuses primarily on SaaS, cloud infrastructure, and security.

George Bischof


Craig joined Meritech in 2011. He focuses primarily on digital media and consumer services.

Craig Sherman


Max joined Meritech in 2015. He focuses primarily on consumer internet, mobile, and SaaS.

Max Motschwiller

Enduring Brands

Veronica joined Meritech in 2015. Veronica is Meritech’s VP of Finance.

Veronica Santana

Alex joined Meritech in 2018 and focuses primarily on enterprise software and infrastructure investments.

Alex Kurland

Enduring Brands

Alex joined Meritech in 2019 and primarily focuses on SaaS, enterprise infrastructure and consumer internet investments.

Alex Clayton

Mike was a founder of Meritech in 1999. He is now a Partner Emeritus.

Mike Gordon


Built to last, not to flip.

We do only one thing— invest in the best tech growth companies in the universe. These are the category defining market leaders that continue to accelerate well beyond their IPO: our portfolio companies had $150b in market cap at their IPO, but have $700B in market cap today. Never never forget, the IPO is just a milestone. Transforming your industry, that’s the goal.