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DoorDash S-1 Breakdown by Max Motschwiller
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Meritech is a growth-stage venture capital firm. Since our founding in 1999, we have partnered with 200 companies globally that are reimagining the future using technology.

We operate differently than the typical venture capital supermarket. We're a small, focused group of equal partners whose mission is to empower our entrepreneurs to rapidly scale their businesses and realize their dreams of becoming enduring market leaders.

We have a few simple beliefs: it’s all about the entrepreneur; timeless brands are the endgame; and, in the tech world, market leaders don't just win, they win big. It’s your company, it’s your dream and we want to help make your vision a reality.

Public Comparables

Public technology companies are a vital information source that entrepreneurs can use to better understand their business' performance and value. Obtaining up-to-date information is difficult and usually sits behind paywalls and at investment banks. Here, you'll find the most comprehensive KPIs and valuation metrics for public technology companies available.