Our Philosophy

Meritech has operated since 1999 on a few simple beliefs: our companies should be center stage, enduring brands are the endgame, and the best tech companies don't just win – they win big.

We exist to help teams build market-leading companies in the technology markets that matter. We know this is ambitious and difficult, which informs our role of providing assistance without ego or ulterior agendas.

Our product and strategy are purpose-built. This enables focus, and focus is our advantage. We are not a venture supermarket. We do one thing, period: invest in the best late-stage tech companies in the universe. We’re comfortable not being part of every great company, knowing that it enables us to do whatever is needed to help make every one of our companies great.

Like you, we’re a group of builders and owners. Our small team of equal partners are on the frontlines throughout every step of the journey. We’re not just another fringe investor – we integrate as team members, contributing however we can to the shared mission. Everything we do, we do ourselves. We believe this increases the probability of a company’s success, and also results in deeper trust and more meaningful connections.

Every investment we make begins with us believing, “this could become the next Salesforce, Facebook, Coupa, NetSuite, Tableau, Datadog, Roblox, Snowflake or UiPath.”

If you share our motivation to transform a market, we’d love to find a way to do it together.