It’s All About the People, Welcome Gem


Max Motschwiller

Sep 28, 2021

The biggest bottleneck for scaling companies is finding and hiring amazing people. Gem is the most powerful platform for systematically building teams for companies big or small. Today, Gem is announcing a $100M series C to continue to help companies hire and grow.

Software is permeating all aspects of our personal and business lives. That said, digital products still require a massive amount of human capital to build and scale. The scarcest resource in today’s economy is not ideas, money or total addressable market, it is people.

Over the past 4+ years, Gem has become part of the default tool-kit for recruiting and scaling the highest quality teams. Gem’s platform is powerful because its individual components are best in-class, but it truly shines by integrating three critical aspects into a single product suite;

1 - workflow (including automation): allows companies to connect with more talent in less time

2 - centralized data (system of record + integrations): creates a unified company system to build personalized relationships with all candidates

3 - reporting (detailed analytics): provides full visibility with automatic tracking and deep analytics at each stage of the recruiting funnel

Many large software companies have been built on being great at automation, system of record data or reporting, but the generational platforms are naturally pulled by their users to do more.

This is what has happened with Gem. The product started as a sourcing tool for recruiters to contact prospective candidates more efficiently. Today, the product has organically blossomed into a platform that enables companies to be data driven and objective about growing their most fundamental asset, their team.

Gem not only helps businesses build world-class teams, it also helps companies combat biases in hiring processes. The suite has the built-in ability to report on how organizations track toward diversity, equity and inclusion goals at all stages of the hiring funnel, from outreach to job acceptance. In addition, Gem is being used by companies across a wide variety of industries including staffing agencies, traditional healthcare services, financial services and technology.

Today the marketing, sales, product, devops and finance orgs all have tools that help them rally around the ethos “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Gem is enabling everyone involved in recruiting to measure and improve. The ROI is tremendous.

Gem is also being built by people that Meritech has known for years. We have tremendous confidence in their ability to understand and develop products to help make those who hire most effective. Steve and Nick are some of the most incredible leaders and product minds in Silicon Valley and Susan and Prathap are two of the best executives we have come across.

Companies are built by its people and Gem is the engine behind many of the teams that are creating products we all use and admire. Roblox, Robinhood, Carta, Lyft, Braze, Slack, Doordash, Verkada, Amplitude, Peloton, Webflow, Snap, Segment, Dropbox, Pendo, Asana, Pinterest are just some of the 800+ companies being built with Gem.

If you would like to build faster and better, we would love to do it together.

Please reach out directly for more information,

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