Welcoming Ashley Paston to Meritech


Max Motschwiller

Jan 4, 2022

If software started eating the world in the 2010s, then it was the 2020s when software began devouring the financial world. Internet giants, D2C applications, marketplaces, enterprise SaaS companies and crypto native organizations are all becoming fintech disruptors.

When we started our search for a new partner to join Meritech, we knew it had to be someone who could bring tremendous expertise and enhance our ability to invest and support the most consequential companies leading the fintech revolution across different company types and business models. Builders and investors who live in the fintech, payments and software ecosystems know Ashley Paston. We met Ashley several years ago while she was at Bain Capital Ventures and developed tremendous conviction in her contagious energy for partnering with the industry’s most ambitious founders, her deep analytical mindset, and her incredible investment range in both stage (series A to pre-IPO) and sector (SaaS, payments, marketplaces, fintech, and insurtech). Investing and industry expertise were critical, but most profound was how Ashley’s values aligned with the values of Meritech and our community.

As a partnership, we believe in focusing on quality, the importance of treating people well and achieving greatness together. Meritech is a small partnership and when we look for new partners, we look for the very best talent – someone who will undoubtedly elevate the entire firm to another level – Ashley epitomizes this to a tee. We had the conviction that Ashley was the right person when we first met on Long Island years ago and could not be more excited to be her partner as we kick off 2022!

If you are interested in building with Ashley and Meritech, please reach out directly at

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